2017 Registration Form

Please familiarise yourself with the Registration Guidance Notes before completing.

Admin details

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An individualA group of 2-3 at one locationA group of 4-10 at one locationA gallery

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Artist details

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Opening times (at least 5 hours per day)

Saturday 26 August


Sunday 27 August


Monday 28 August



You can upload up to three images. The main image will be used in the guide and on the website, the two additional images will be used on the website. Images may also be used in other publicity. Please ensure you supply good quality, well lit images, cropped to square format. The maximum file size allowed is 2Mb per image.

Main image

Additional image 1

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About the venue

Please tick if any of the following facilities are available.

Is it wheelchair accessible?
Are there toilet facilities?
Are refreshments available? (i.e. tea, coffee, cake/biscuits)

We want to encourage artists to provide demonstrations, short workshops and ‘have a go’ sessions at set times during the open studios weekend.

Please indicate if you can provide these and we will be in touch to confirm the details.

Will you be giving demonstrations, short workshops or ‘have a go’ sessions?

Publicity material

If you would like us to consider mentioning you in some of the open studios publicity, such as articles and media releases, please complete this section.

Why are you taking part and what can visitors expect?

Please provide some images of you working, or with your artwork. Please ensure you supply good quality, well lit images. The maximum file size allowed is 1Mb per image.

Publicity image 1

Publicity image 2

Public exhibitions

As well as sharing your work with visitors during the open studios weekend, we have secured three additional opportunities for public exhibitions leading up to the August Bank holiday weekend.

If you would like to be considered for one or more of the exhibitions please indicate your order of preference against each below. Exhibition spaces are limited and participation cannot be guaranteed, however we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

Number 8, Pershore: 22 June – 12 July.

Only suitable for 2D artwork affixed with mirror plates and a maximum size of 100x100cm. You must be able to deliver your work to Number 8 before 7pm on 21 June and collect unsold work between 4pm and 5.30pm on 12 July.

I am able to help with the Pershore event

Church Walk display cases, Malvern: 1 August – 30 September.

You will need to provide one or more good quality high resolution images of your work suitable for printing as an A1 sized poster in landscape format (approx. 84 x 60 cm which would ideally need a digital file of 5000 x 3500 pixels) by 1 July.

I am able to help with the Malvern event

Worcester: Venue, dates and requirements awaiting final confirmation.

Requirements to be confirmed.

I am able to help with the Worcester event

Private view

If you are planning a private view of your work prior to opening to the public, please complete this section.

Are you planning to hold a private view of your work on Friday 25 August?


If Yes, can we notify other open studios participants so they have an opportunity to visit and see your work?


If Yes, what time will your private view be taking place?

By registering to take part, I confirm that I commit to:

  • Promoting the event and mentioning Worcestershire Open Studios in any personal publicity.
  • Using Worcestershire Opens Studios marketing materials.
  • Displaying Worcestershire Open Studios signage and other materials throughout the event, including those containing logos of any open studios sponsors or funders.
  • Presenting my studio/home in a professional manner.
  • Dealing with visitors in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Staying open for the period I have advertised; which will be at least five hours on each of the three days of the event.
  • Handling any sales of my work.
  • Seeking feedback from visitors and providing timely post-event feedback to the organisers.
  • Providing artwork or images for any of the public exhibitions they are selected for within required timescales.

Please tick to confirm acceptance: