2018 Registration Form

Please familiarise yourself with the Registration Guidance Notes before completing.

Admin details

This information is for administration purposes and will not be published.

Artist details

Details in this section will be published in the open studios guide and on the website.

Opening times: (at least 5 hours per day)


Images of your work

You can provide up to three images. The main image will be used in the guide and on the website, the two additional images will be used on the website. Images may also be used in other publicity.

In order to make the registration process as straightforward as posible, images should be sent by email after you have completed this form, full details will be sent when we acknowledge your application.

Publicity material

If you would like us to consider mentioning you in some of the open studios publicity, such as articles and media releases, please complete this section.

Publicity images

Magazine and newspaper editors love pictures of people, so please provide some good quality images of you working, or with your artwork. These can be sent after you have completed this form, full details will be sent with your registration acknowledgment.

Use of your personal data


We will not share your contact name and email address with any other third party without your express permission.

Conditions of participation in the event

By registering to take part, I confirm that I commit to:

  • Promoting the event as a whole and mentioning Worcestershire Open Studios in any personal publicity about my participation in the event.
  • Using Worcestershire Opens Studios marketing materials.
  • Only using Worcestershire Opens Studios branded customisable poster/postcard templates for any independently produced marketing materials.
  • Displaying Worcestershire Open Studios signage and other materials throughout the event, including those containing logos of any open studios sponsors or funders.
  • Presenting my studio/home in a professional manner.
  • Dealing with visitors in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Staying open for the period I have advertised, which will be at least five hours on each of the three days of the event.
  • Handling any sales of my work.
  • Seeking feedback from visitors and providing timely post-event feedback to the organisers.
  • Providing artwork or images for the website and brochure, or any public exhibitions they are selected for within required timescales.
  • Complying with the aims of Worcestershire Open Studios set out in its constitution.

Please tick to confirm acceptance: