These artists are offering demonstrations of their work and ‘have a go’ sessions throughout the event.

Venue Name Medium Demonstration Times ‘Have a go’ – adults ‘Have a go’ – children
1 Sally Anne Morgan Printing 10.30am and 3pm yes over 5 yrs, under supervision
2 Sewing at the Button Box Textiles ongoing yes over 5 yrs, under supervision
3 Martin Addison Digital imaging with Adobe Lightroom 10.30am, 12pm, 2pm, 3.30pm
4 Valerie Briggs Watercolour ongoing
7 Elaine Williams Oils and acrylics ongoing yes yes
25 Sophie Sorella Fine Art Painting and printing ongoing
26 Sue Firmin Painting ongoing
29 Don and Steph Emmerich and Judith Taylor Pottery and textiles ongoing yes, pottery pottery over 6 yrs, supervised
31 Maggie Hobbs Textiles and printing ongoing
32 Chris Walker Pastels ongoing
33 John Horton Watercolour ongoing
37 Lighthouse Glass Glass lampworking and jewellery ongoing glasswork and jewellery jewellery, under supervision
39 All Fired Up Glasswork when interest shown yes under supervision
40 Birlingham Village Hall Various ongoing
41 Julie Brand – Tigley Textiles Textiles ongoing
46 Honeybourne Pottery Potting ongoing
47 Steve Letchford Pen and ink ongoing
50 Andrew Judd Hot-metal typecasting on going yes under supervision
51 Mark Brayley Sculpting on going
52 Kamala Todd, Jadu Sheridan Oils and acrylics ongoing
53 Catherine Adams Painting and printing ongoing yes under supervision
56 Moorlands Artists Acrylics ongoing
57 A Crafty Moment Beadwork and polymer clay ongoing
64 Janet and Richard Hayes-Hall Printmaking and wooden peg carving ongoing
66 Jill Peer Topknots Mixed media Sat and Sun from 2pm yes over 5 yrs, under supervision
70 Louise Pilditch Encaustic painting 10.30am to 4.30pm