Registration Guidance Notes

Who can enter?

Entry is only open to Worcestershire-based visual artists, photographers and crafts people. There are six different categories of entry:

  • An individual artist at one location
  • Two artists at one location
  • Three artists at one location
  • A group of four to six artists at one location
  • A group of seven to ten artists at one location
  • A gallery

Each of the above categories is known as ‘an entry’. If you are part of a group or art class comprising more than ten artists who wish to participate please get in touch to discuss your proposals.

All participating venues must be open for a minimum of five hours on all three days from Saturday 25 August to Monday 27 August 2018 with at least one artist present throughout that time.

How to enter

To take part complete the online registration form and pay your entry fee.

Entry is non-selective on a first application basis, however entries will be considered incomplete until payment is received. The closing date for entries is 25 March 2018. Spaces are limited and the closing date may be brought forward once all the spaces are taken.

Entry fees are as follows:

  • £70 – an individual artist
  • £100 – two artists at one location
  • £150 – three artists at one location
  • £200 – a group of four to six artists at one location
  • £300 – a group of seven to ten artists at one location
  • £100 – a gallery

Each entry fee includes a quarter page space in an A5 full colour printed guide including an image, year-round website presence, promotion via social media, marketing materials, signage for the event and notification, throughout the year of entry, of wider opportunities brought to the attention of the organisers.

Artists entering as a group at the same location will receive a quarter page space in the guide for the whole group and one image. Members of a group may purchase extra space in the guide at a cost of £70 for a quarter page.

Guide entry details

WOS entry exampleAn example guide entry is shown to the right. You will have an opportunity to proof your entry prior to printing. You are responsible for the accuracy of the final entry details. Each entry must provide:

  • Artist, group or gallery name.
  • A two or three word short description to categorise your work.
  • A paragraph of text which describes your work, up to a maximum of 50-60 words. This is to give visitors a feel for the type of work they can expect to see at your open studio. Please write this in language that non-artists can understand.
  • Optional website addresses. This can be your own website and/or social media pages that show your work.
  • Venue address with postcode.
  • Contact telephone number.
  • Brief directions to your venue if it is difficult to find – a maximum of 25–35 words.
  • Opening hours – to take part you must be open a minimum of five hours on all three days.
  • Venue facilities.
  • One square format, high quality jpeg image for use in the guide, which is representative of the type of artwork visitors will be able to see at your venue. Choose your image carefully – many visitors select which artists to visit on the basis of their guide image and may be disappointed if they can’t see work of a similar nature at your studio.
  • Optionally, two additional images for use on your page on the Worcestershire Open Studios website.
  • We want to encourage artists to provide demonstrations, short workshops and ‘have a go’ sessions at set times during the open studios weekend. Please indicate if you can provide these on the registration form and we will be in touch to confirm the details.

Image specifications

You can supply up to three images. The main image will be used in the guide. All three images will be used on the website and may be used in other publicity. Please ensure you supply good quality, well lit images, cropped to square format, and – if applicable – that you have permission from the photographer to use them. The images should be high resolution and sent in jpeg format. The file size should not exceed 3Mb per image.

Please do not include any wording or business logos in your images, unless it is part of the actual artwork. The organisers reserve the right to ask for alternative images if the ones provided are not suitable.

Other information

Please provide a contact name and email address for administrative purposes. These will not be published, but will be used to keep you informed about the event and to help you prepare.

The email address you provide is the main way we will contact you about open studios. Please make sure you check it regularly in the lead up to the event and add both and to your safe senders list.

Some email providers attempt to categorise incoming emails and add them to specific folders. Check that our emails have not been categorised as ‘newsletter’ or similar and stored away from your normal inbox.

We are also giving you the option to supply some additional images and information that we may use in media releases and other publicity. Please be aware that it is not possible to include every artist in media releases, articles and other publicity and that we have no control over which artists different publications choose to feature. Our primary aim is to get as much publicity as we can for open studios as a whole, any publicity for individual artists associated with that is a bonus.

Public exhibitions to promote the event

As well as sharing your work with visitors during the open studios weekend, there may be additional opportunities for public exhibitions leading up to the August Bank holiday weekend. As space is likely to be limited, only one piece of work will be accepted for each ‘entry’ regardless of the number of artists represented.

At this stage the public exhibitions are to be confirmed, we will get in touch with artists once the details are known.

Conditions of participation in the event

We will only accept entries from artists, groups and galleries who comply with the aims of Worcestershire Open Studios set out in our constitution and we reserve the right to remove those who do not comply and/or refuse participation in future years. A copy of the constitution will be provided upon request. By registering for this event all participating artists commit to:

  • Promoting the event as a whole and mentioning Worcestershire Open Studios in any personal publicity about their participation in the event.
  • Using Worcestershire Opens Studios marketing materials.
  • Only using Worcestershire Opens Studios branded customisable poster/postcard templates for any independently produced marketing materials.
  • Displaying Worcestershire Open Studios signage and other materials throughout the event, including those containing logos of any open studios sponsors or funders.
  • Presenting their studio/home in a professional manner.
  • Dealing with visitors in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Staying open for the period they have advertised, which will be at least five hours on each of the three days of the event.
  • Handling any sales of their work.
  • Seeking feedback from visitors and providing timely post-event feedback to the organisers.
  • Providing artwork or images for any public exhibitions they are selected for within required timescales.

Benefits of participating

Open studios are a great way to raise your profile, share your work with new and existing audiences, get feedback, make some sales and build a following. In addition, participants will receive:

  • All year round website presence. (In 2017 each artist page received an average of 153 unique visits in the 6 months prior to the event.)
  • Promotion before and during the event through a printed colour guide and social media.
  • Coverage of the event in print media and other publications.
  • Marketing materials to distribute in their locality.
  • Customisable poster/postcard templates for producing independent marketing materials.
  • Support and advice on preparing for open studios.
  • A regular e-newsletter providing updates and tips in the run-up to the event.
  • An opportunity to participate in public exhibitions in the lead up to the open studios weekend.
  • Opportunities to meet with other local artists and learn from them.
  • Notification, throughout the year, of wider opportunities brought to the attention of the organisers.

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