Baron DeHavilland


I am a conceptual artist and fine art photographer, focusing on abstract qualities of motor vehicle restoration and fuel contamination. I've created a number of large abstract sculptures parodying great artists that are on display in the garden, the west wing of the house and surrounding my studio. 
My work is available as fine art prints.

Guide location no. 46


Badgers Hill Count Estate
Sheriffs Lench

WR11 4SN

Telephone 01386 860860

Friday 23 August: 9.30am–7pm
Saturday 24 August: 9.30am–7pm
Sunday 25 August: 9.30am–7pm
Monday 26 August: 9.30am–7pm

refreshments availabletoilet facilities


On the outskirts of Sheriffs Lench village, there are three entrances, any one will bring you into ample parking, look for the black horse sculpture at the entrance.

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