Hiromi Nakajima and John Beck


Hiromi makes animal sculptures. These are mostly horses, hippos, cats and birds. Every sculpture is unique and Hiromi hopes that when you look at each animal it will bring a smile to your face.

John makes stoneware functional ceramics such as bowls, mugs and vases and hopes that you enjoy using them.



87 Madresfield Road

WR14 2NW

Telephone  01684 574032 or 07759 415257

Saturday 25 August:  10.30am–5pm
Sunday 26 August:  10.30am–5pm
Monday 27 August:  10.30am–5pm


The house is on the opposite side from the Tesco Express which is on the corner of Madresfield Road and Pickersleigh Road.

refreshments availabledemos and workshop sessions

Guide location no. 73

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