Artists opening up their homes for Worcestershire Open Studios

3 July 2019 Worcester News, reporter Jessica Charles

Worcestershire Open Studios
Artists will be opening up their studios and letting the curious public see their work.

Worcestershire Open Studios, taking place in art studios across the county is a unique opportunity to learn about many forms of art.

Sally Morgan, one of the organisers said: “It is a chance for the public to go into artists homes and to see their work. Being artists ourselves, we realised that lots of people might be a bit shy to go to a gallery or they might want to make some art themselves. It is a chance for them to go to artists studios, (many of these are the artist’s own homes), and talk to the them.”

“It is also a chance for artists to show their work. There are not that many places to show your art and not everyone can get into a gallery.”

The event, in its 5th year has grown significantly, starting with 28 studios in 2015 to 83 this year with 180 artists.

Ms Morgan said “Artists just keep appearing and we have realised how many there are in the county, its great!

Frans Wesselman, an artist who is opening his home in Vincent Road, Worcester said: “I will turn my house into a gallery and, for the only time in the year, all the things I have been working on for the last twelve months will be up and out together, so that the public can see what goes on, but it is also an opportunity for me to have a good look at what I have done.

In the past it has been quite busy for those few days, a change from being here day in day out on my own, beavering away. I find it always interesting meeting new people and I expect a few old friends will turn up. This year Anna Yevtukh, a book binder, will be showing her work here too. We have made a book together earlier this year and she will be giving a bookbinding taster session on the Saturday, from 2 till 4.”

The event takes place from Friday August 23 to Monday August 26.