Caroline Hall


I am a contemporary artist working from my garden studio in Worcester. Since graduating from university with a degree in Fine Arts, I have explored many different art fields including ceramics, sculpture and printmaking, but for many years now I have been engaged in painting with acrylics. I use palette knives to build up texture and brushes to add layers of colour to create pieces which are full of atmosphere and reflection. I work from photos/sketches to create a vibrant scene which captures a moment in time and invites the viewer to engage in a new way.

This year’s paintings are a collection of Cornish landscapes, Malvern Hills, floral delights and figures of mystery from my new ‘Myths and Legends’ series. My work is continually evolving so you are always seeing different themes and styles which are being explored. This is to offer my viewer a larger portfolio but also adds to my growth as an artist. I am inspired by nature, literature, colour and the past. I will often revisit a scene many times, capturing different light, atmosphere and seasons.

In 2020 I was commissioned to create a label for a local Ale brewed in Herefordshire. This featured the Malvern Hills and the glorious landscape of Herefordshire, I also learnt about hops too! My work is also found on silk scarves which are produced by David Watson and are sold in UK retailers as well as globally via the internet. When not working on commissions in the studio, my work can be found in the local shops, fairs, exhibitions and of course, Open Studios each year.

This year you will be able to access the garden studio via the garden gate, without entering my home. You can purchase via card or cash as preferred. I look forward to welcoming you to this year’s wonderful event of art!

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Venue: 7


9 Sunnyside Road


Telephone: 07402 673273