Dan Holden


I paint in the traditional medium of oil paint in a non-traditional way. Oil allows me to be flexible, applying many layers of bold, vibrant paint onto recycled Orientated Strand Board (OSB). The robust nature of OSB allows me to be quite brutal in the creative process, including the deliberate scraping back of many layers of paint to emphasise layers and textures and imbuing the work with a sense of the passage of time.

My creative method can be observed by visiting my studio where I would be delighted to meet you. As a highly abstract artist, I am always wanting to engage with people and am fascinated how the juxtaposition of shape and colour and an individual viewer’s experiences can create a strong emotional response. I intend my work to cause the viewer to pause, examine and question. We are accustomed to images in society that are fleeting. I believe that taking time to truly look can make us more considerate and successful at engaging with those around us.

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Venue: 1a


Yew Trees Artist Studios
Bevere Gallery
Bevere Lane


Telephone: 07761 604844