Felicity Osborne


Visitors will see current works of various sizes on display. A working studio.

Creating paintings using fluid art techniques is a constant journey of new discoveries. Outcomes can’t be fully guaranteed as so much depends on how the materials react to each other. With so many variables such as different mediums mixes, various brands and densities of paint, particular additives, paint consistencies all influencing how the paint moves, I can never fully determine the outcome. This is why I find this type of painting fascinating. I have to respond to the paint in the moment. I can plan my techniques and prepare my materials ahead of time and aim for a certain result, but there’s always that element of surprise when the paints themselves respond to each other and create unique effects.

Due to the nature of this type of painting there will be videos of demonstrations running, and explanations by myself, rather than live work being undertaken.

Please note work will be displayed on the ground floor with easy access. However, the studio itself in down a flight of steps into a cellar.

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Venue: 11


4 Shrubbery Avenue


Telephone: 07908 739184