Karen Stone


I am a fine artist living and working from my studio in Worcestershire with my trusted studio assistant, Basil the terrier. I will be displaying my work this year in a beautiful, peaceful garden, highlighting my love of nature themes and giving you a tranquil experience at the same time.

I predominantly work with paint, particularly oils and watercolours, but also use collage, pastels, prints, and fabric. I aim to capture the character of everyday people, places, objects, and flowers, using shapes and colours to explore relationships, and also try to see the extraordinary in the mundane.

I take a holistic approach to my art, as I try to explore different ways of viewing ordinary subjects and contextualising them into a wider relationship with the viewer and the world, rather than removing the subject entirely from its surroundings. I gather observational notes from everyday life to create my art, including sketches and drawings, which I then consider in terms of scale and materials to create the desired effect in the finished piece.

Depending on the subject, I use a variety of collage, painting, and printmaking material, layering these different techniques to represent time. I also use abstraction of shapes and forms to explore elements of artistic truth beyond realism.

A pear on a table

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Venue: 6


The Dormey House
Selbourne Road West


Telephone: 07773 355817