Maria-Cristina Gardiner

Painter and printer

I grew up in Florence where I studied art, then architecture in the UK followed by 35+ years in practice. I have been a conservation architect for some years but I have sketched and drawn mostly all my life.

My paintings are of places that I have drawn outside, ‘on the spot’ and then taken back to the studio. Through a quick sketch, made with a few lines, I hold on to the memory of that scene and to the fleeting sensation it gave me.

I used to climb and mountaineer, and I would sketch in between activities, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Recently this has not been possible and some the paintings in this exhibition are of the hills near my home in Malvern where I have walked my two dogs in the past year.

My current art practice is mostly concerned with manmade structures in the landscape; these are ordinary post-industrial landscapes I see every day and they intrigue me. It fascinates me to explore how industry has affected and shaped the ‘natural’ landscape.

I paint mostly in oils because I love strong pigments, but I also use pastels, inks, acrylics and gouache. I have lately taken up printing and I love the ‘painterly’ quality of monoprints, drypoint and the risky thrill of ‘reduction’ linocut printing.

I am currently on the Portmeor Program at St. Ives School of Painting which will finish in December 2021 and have attended classes in Experimental Printing at the Royal Drawing School in Shoreditch, London.

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Venue: 18


28 Bromyard Terrace
St. Johns


Telephone: 01905 425830