Melanie Williams – Painter

Can you tell us about yourself and your background as an artist/maker?

On leaving school I studied painting at college, completing my training with a post-graduate diploma in Fine Art at the Royal Academy. After six years teaching in London I moved with a young family to Worcestershire. Throughout I have never been without my painting practice.

Spring Flowers in studio pots (100cm X 130cm), oil on canvas

Tell us a bit about your creative process.

Drawing is usually at the beginning of any project. The medium that is then involved will depend on what I am trying to achieve. A completed work may take a moment or years and it is always at it's best when it is exciting.

Where you do usually work from?

I usually work from my studio at home but I can also be found drawing absolutely anywhere.

Have you developed any unique or unusual techniques in your work?

During this latest lockdown I was experimenting with mono-print and hating it but when cleaning the black ink plate I became fascinated by the random and varied marks that this cleaning process produced. From these sheets of blackened paper I found flocks of birds that have kept me occupied for months.

Tell us about a favourite piece of work and what it means to you.

To ask about a favourite piece of work is as impossible as to ask my favourite painter or favourite flower. I usually leave a picture when I feel that there is nothing more that I can do at the time and may return to it months later for completion, or destruction.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

My ideas come from day to day events, observational encounters and flights of my imagination.

What advice would you have for artists who are just starting out?

When starting out do not be judgemental with any work that you produce but endeavour to find the essence of what you are working from.

If you sell your work, can you tell us more about how you do this?

I do have an on-line presence and I also sell from exhibitions, commissions and from my studio.

Hungry Children (130cm X 110cm) diary pages, ink and collage

How has lockdown changed your creative process?

I am sorry to say that lockdown has given me more "guilt free" time to work.

Tell us about any future projects you have planned.

I have an exhibition on St George's Hall, Bewdley in August and a show in London in April next year having had to re-schedule from its original date which coincided with the start of Covid last March.

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