Stephen Farley

Can you tell us about yourself and your background as an artist/maker?

Inspired by graphic novels and comics through to influential music crossovers.

Tell us a bit about your creative process.

A piece always takes much longer than anticipated, possibly because I'm reluctant to let go. Typically it goes on for months as the curing windows dictate the length of each sitting. The most rewarding aspect for me is entitling the artwork which may herald or close the process.

Where you do usually work from?

My house was purchased specifically for the loft space which I immediately envisaged as having studio potential. Although the walls are acutely sloping there's good natural light and it keeps my materials our of the domestic space. Downsides include sweltering in Summer and two flights of stairs to manhandle the more formidable pieces of work.

Have you developed any unique or unusual techniques in your work?


Tell us about a favourite piece of work and what it means to you.

I was recently commissioned to sculpt two wall mounted elephants for a prestigious space complete with viewing gallery. They represented the couple who now own the piece so it was important to produce a visual metaphor for their relationship. It continues to be well received and has properties that accentuate the ambient lighting conditions surrounding it.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

My travels have provided me with an endless recipe of ideas. Initially the private gallery sector in Lower Manhattan which just had 'Why not?' running through it. Plus more recently my dives on The Great Barrier Reef which spurred a whole series of marine-based originals.

What advice would you have for artists who are just starting out?

Since I began there's been a bewildering digital revolution in the wider art world so I'm never going to be in a position to mentor another artist. I could only offer that art education is always worthwhile where available.

If you sell your work, can you tell us more about how you do this?

I sell through galleries and also privately. Not my strong point, but my firm mantra is never indulge anyone seeking a discount.

How has lockdown changed your creative process?

Thankfully I've not been affected and I've noticed how my methods of working were pretty isolationist anyway. I've had some enquiries from people who've seen my work over shoulders in zoom calls so perhaps this could be a new genre.

Tell us about any future projects you have planned.

I'm really enthusiastic to embark on some exquisitely engraved pieces but I've only begun to scratch the surface. I've submitted an idea to a sculpture park as I think outdoor spaces have evidently come to the fire recently.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I hope that any visual contribution I make engineers inspiration in anyone who come into contact with my artwork.

See more of Stephen’s work on his Worcestershire Artists page.

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