Multidisciplinary, Sculpture

Currently my work centres around using the gallery as part of/central to the work and not simply four white walls to hang work on.

My ideal piece would be to grow wheat indoors and then flatten it as though part of a crop circle, you know, the ones made by aliens. Except it would be made by a conceptual artist, me - assisted by a friendly farmer. The viewer would walk in and hear electric static played though hidden speakers. A crow would caw and pines would whisper in the distance. Maybe you'd hear a not so friendly farmer shouting at you to get off his land. Perhaps the viewer might even be holding a Geigercounter, or that glass of Pino that you always get at a vernissage and leave, half drunk on a plinth next to someones' work. But what would it all mean or is meaning overrated?

So what am I going to make for WOS? Working title is All The Artworks Martin Kippenberger Couldn't Make - part of The Gallery is a Dangerous Place series. Not physically of course - although I do have Public Liability Insurance but as in ideas, which are potentially far more threatening than either a clip round the ear or a portrait of a cat. But August is a long way away and thoughts can turn so best not to be too prescriptive. But there will be wine...

404space opened in 2019 and as things stand this will be my eleventh show. Perhaps you've already visited, if not then maybe ask yourself why. Some shows, like this one have been solo, most have been collaborative. I work as various artist, I've exhibited all over, including Wolverhampton. I like objects and their figurative qualities. When not writing an artist profile I enjoy cooking, writing and gazing longingly into space. We're back to aliens...

Venue address
Holly House
6 Townsend Street
From City centre head North for 3/4 mile along the A38. At Sainsbury's Local walk up Barbourne Terrace (opposite) and take 1st right (Woodbine Road) which after 100 yards becomes Townsend Street. I'm third on right.
07919 177597
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11am - 6pm12pm - 5pm11am - 6pm