Clare Wratten

Detail of abstract painting in acrylics by Clare Wratten

♦ Working in acrylics and mixed media I love to create abstract paintings inspired by aerial photographs, landscape and fascinating textures and colours. I enjoy the physical qualities of media and materials as much as their visual effect, and I have previously used that to create thrown porcelain and earthenware pottery.

♦ My degree was in Ceramics, and it was while studying for that that I found I share the appreciation of imperfection as part of beauty in pattern and form which the Japanese value in their ceramics as evidence of the integrity of handmade work.

♦ I deeply enjoy exploring the relationship between myself, the media I use, and the qualities that can be discovered beyond those I immediately control. There is natural randomness, an element of creative chaos and the joy of the unpredictable when working with collage and textured materials in combination with inks and acrylic paints.

♦ I work in my front room, which is where I am happy to be able to show you my pictures.

♥ You can also find my work marketed as ‘paintedbyclare’ - on my website, on Instagram, on Facebook, and locally on Nextdoor ♥

Venue address
3 Mayfield Road
Please park in any of the nearby roads. It's just a short walk to me. Please be aware there are steps up to the front door. The no.35 bus stops close by, just a very little bit down the hill from me - ask for 'the Vauxhall' as your destination.
07804 656 916

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