Jane Aston

Acrylic & Mixed Media Painter
“Pink Ice” inspired by a spiritual meditative journey

I am a contemporary artist and I love to paint intuitively, which means I have no prior plans before starting to paint. In contrast I enjoy painting commissioned pet portraits. I love to capture the ‘essence of spirit’ in both styles of paintings.
My art work is inspired by music, meditation practices, memories, feelings and daily walks in nature with my dog, Gem.
I believe a painting can say something that words cannot express. Every one of my paintings tells a story and every person sees a different story!! This connection is magical.
I like to start my paintings by blocking in my substrate with my chosen colour palette. This is often a limited palette of three primary colours yellow, red and blue plus white and black. I then build up my work in layers because I love to create a sense of depth. I often play with a variety of tools and equipment to create a variety of marks and textures. I usually work with acrylics for their quick drying properties and because they can mirror the qualities of watercolours and oils.
I am based in Alvechurch and sell my work from my website www.janeastonstudios.com and The Purple Gallery, Bournville. You can also find me on instagram @janeastonstudios.

Venue address
Primrose Cottage
Callow Hill Road
B48 7LR
Primrose Cottage is the second building (with a picket fence) from the canal bridge on Callow Hill Road towards Coopers Hill. Parking is available on the drive and in the opposite layby.
+44 7904 563 823
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10.30am - 4.30pm10.30am - 4.30pm