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Textiles, Mixed Media
Colourful Malverns
Mixed media, Textiles & Needlework

I was born in mid Wales near to beautiful hills, countryside, and the rugged coasts of Cardigan Bay to a family who loved to be creative. My love of painting and textiles began at a young age.
I am a retired early years teacher so now have lots more time to focus on being creative. I draw inspiration from nature, particularly the countryside, sea and sky and love to experiment with colours, textures, fabrics, and mixed media to create vibrant pieces of textile art.
On my travels I will often sketch, draw, paint and take photographs and before I begin a new piece whether it be abstract or representational, I will experiment further to allow me to see the colours and shapes within a piece.
I love colour - colours that blend, clash or contrast can lift, change, or make a textile piece. I colour mix and paint with pieces of fabric, yarn threads layering, overlapping, butting up together to get an effect I am happy with.
During Lockdown on my walks, I became intrigued by hedgerows and did several painted, printed and drawn studies. I loved looking through the tangled twisted twigs seeing the lights and shadows of the hidden unnoticed places. I wanted to recreate my free unhindered studies in textiles and have spent time experimenting with fabric dyes, paint pens etc making marks using natural materials found in the garden or on my walks.
Please get in touch if you'd like to see my work, are interested in what I do or enquire about commissions.

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