Susan Birth

Collage, Mixed media, Painting

Hello I’m Susan, one of the four working artists based at Yew Trees Artist Studios situated at Bevere Gallery on the edge of Worcester. I'm very much looking forward to welcoming Worcestershire Open Studios visitors again this year!
My art style ranges from representational to more semi-abstract and conceptual pieces, mainly landscape and still life. I make bold use of colour, pattern and texture and use a variety of media including acrylic paint, ink, oil pastels, collage, etc. to create lively pieces that hold the gaze and attention, maybe striking a chord or evoking a thought, emotion, mood or memory. I enjoy experimenting with techniques and mixing up media to produce visually intriguing pieces. I see variety as the key to my practice and I hope this draws the eye to explore my paintings. Recently I’ve been trying out more abstract art styles. Subject matter varies since I tend to follow my impulses. I love creating semi-abstract landscapes that may be inspired by my local environment or scenes encountered on my travels, but also imagined, enigmatic landscapes. An evocative landscape – real or imagined – can draw the viewer into a magical land and this is something I’m always seeking to achieve. I'll be happy to chat about the techniques I use, including a few that I believe are truly my own! If you can't make the Open Studios dates, please note that our studios and artists’ gallery are open to visitors all through the year, Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 4pm. A smaller selection of my work is on display at the Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery.

Venue address
Yew Trees Artist Studios
Bevere Gallery
Bevere Lane
From the A449, follow the sign: Bevere Gallery, Art Ceramics Cake. The site is just along the lane on the right. There's on-site parking and an overflow car park across the road from the main entrance.
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Opening dates and times

10am–4pm 10am-4pm10am–4pm