Registration Guidance Notes

Benefits of participating

Open studios are a great way to raise your profile, share your work and creative processes with new and existing audiences, get feedback, make some sales and build a following. In addition to the benefits gained from the annual membership, participants in our weekend event will receive:

  • Promotion before and during the event through a printed colour flyer and a dedicated section on our website.
  • Promotion of the event via our social media channels and the Malvern poster exhibition.
  • Coverage of the event in print and digital publications and event listings.
  • Marketing materials to distribute in their locality.
  • Customisable poster and postcard templates for producing independent marketing materials.
  • A Worcestershire Open Studios participants’ logo for use on your own website, social media and other materials.
  • Support and advice on preparing for open studios and promoting the event in your locality.
  • A regular e-newsletter providing updates and tips in the run-up to the event.
  • Zoom Q+A style briefings for new artists to Open Studios, and those who have participated previously.

Conditions of participation in the event

We will only accept entries from artists and groups who are current participants of Worcestershire Open Studios, with their own individual artist’s profile page. Only work by artists who have registered to take part may be displayed at your open studio.

As set out in our constitution we reserve the right to remove those who do not comply and/or refuse participation in future years. A copy of the constitution can be provided upon request.

By registering for this event all participating artists agree to comply with the points documented on this page and commit to:

  • Working to promote the event as a whole, both in their locality and amongst their contacts, and mentioning Worcestershire Open Studios in any printed or online publicity about their participation in the event.
  • Promoting the event using Worcestershire Opens Studios marketing materials and only using supplied branded customisable templates for any independently produced materials.
  • Displaying signs provided by Worcestershire Open Studios throughout the event, including those containing logos of any sponsors or funders.
  • Presenting their studio/home professionally and dealing with visitors in a courteous manner.
  • Complying with national and local Covid-19 guidelines in operation at the time of the event.
  • Having Public Liability Insurance in place for the open studios event.
  • Staying open for the times stated in their entry and as detailed in any printed literature and on the website, which will be a minimum of six consecutive hours on each of the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the open studios weekend.
  • Using the resources provided to seek feedback from visitors and providing timely post-event feedback to the organisers.
  • Complying with the aims of Worcestershire Open Studios as set out in its constitution.

Who can enter?

To be eligible to take part artists must be a current participant of Worcestershire Open Studios, with their own individual artist profile page.

Cost of entry to the event is £60 per artist. (Note: where an established art group has a group profile page, each of their members may enter at a reduced rate of £35 per artist. Only the group will be listed or promoted.)

How to enter

To take part complete the online registration form and pay your entry fee.

The closing date for entries is midnight on 7 July 2021. Your entry will be confirmed by email.

Our modest entry fees are only possible because Worcestershire Open Studios is a not for profit organisation, run by a group of local artists on a largely voluntary basis, and because participating artists work to promote the overall event, both in their locality and amongst their contacts, using the Worcestershire Open Studios marketing materials provided.

Cancellation and refunds. Should the Covid situation worsen, and national or local guidelines change, we want to stress that it is possible that we may need to cancel the event. If this is necessary, we cannot guarantee refunding all or part of your event fee, though would endeavour to offer a partial refund if we have not already incurred costs. We accept no liability for costs or other losses associated with cancellation of the event.

Public Liability Insurance

It is a requirement of entry that you have Public Liability Insurance (with the usual minimum of £5 million cover) in place for the open studios event. You may already have cover through being a member of an artists’ organisation such as a-n, the SAA or axisweb. More information can be found by following these links:

We ask that you detail the member organisation or insurance provider and policy number as part of the registration process and it is your responsibility to ensure that cover remains in place for the duration 28–30 August 2021 at your open studios venue.

Covid-19 and the Open Studios weekend

All artists must comply with the national and local guidelines relating to Covid-19 in place at the time of the event.

Please refer to the Government website for the latest information Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support – GOV.UK

If current or similar restrictions are in place in August the guidelines required for shops and retail outlets include:

  • All artists and visitors to wear face masks.
  • Use and provision of hand sanitiser on entry.
  • Managing numbers of visitors to comply with social distancing.
  • Adequate ventilation and/or holding your open studio event outdoors.
  • One way systems through your venue if possible.
  • Single use paper reference material.
  • Contactless payment to be taken rather than cash.
  • Use fixed displays for things like cards available for purchase and avoid using browers or racks to avoid items being touched.
  • Cleaning of surfaces.

Studio facilities and refreshments for visitors – we would recommend no general availability of toilet facilities and to not offer refreshments. Hospitality venues are also required to comply with Track and Trace guidelines – QR check-in and/or logging of visitor contact details.

We recommend no scheduled demonstrations or allowing ‘have a go’ sessions.

You may need to have someone with you during the event to help you manage your venue.

In deciding whether you take part in this year’s event as well as the suitability of your location, we would recommend that you carefully consider the potential infection risks to you and your household, and whether all will be fully vaccinated.

During the weekend event, should you test positive for Covid-19, have Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms and need to isolate, you must close your studios and notify us immediately. We will then update our website pages accordingly with information of the closure. You should also put a closed sign on your studio doors and remove any road signage.

Other information

The email address you provide is the main way we will contact you about open studios. Please make sure you check it regularly in the lead up to the event and add to your safe senders list. Some email providers attempt to categorise incoming emails and add them to specific folders. Check that our emails have not been categorised as ‘newsletter’ or similar and stored away from your normal inbox.

Please be aware that it is not possible to include every artist in media releases, articles and other publicity and that we have no control over which artists different publications choose to feature. Our primary aim is to get as much publicity as we can for open studios as a whole, any publicity for individual artists associated with that is a bonus.

Registration for our 2021 event is now closed.