Elliptical Garden Planter on feet

Garden Planter by Chris Bell

by Chris Bell

I make these stoneware garden planters by rolling out slabs of clay and decorating them before joining the slabs together, adding four feet, and then firing in an electric kiln to make them frost resistant. They are approx 25cm x 25cm and have drainage holes in the base and can look good planted with low growing succulents. Besides these dry blue matt glazed planters I also make some with a shiny cream/orange glaze.

Link to buy: https://checkout.square.site/merchant/MLZGYS2Y44NPM/checkout/K5YRYQO3YL3MFAMLC2FUTUC5


How to buy:
You can either visit The Pottery at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre, Hanbury which is open Tuesday - Sunday from 11 - 4pm or alternatively you can buy online (£5 p&p) by clicking on the link above.

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