Pollinator path – original artwork

by Jane Arthur

One of a series of 16 vignettes celebrating the flowers in my garden at the end of summer which have been buzzing with bees in the early September sunshine. Textile collage built up with layers of fabric which I’ve subsequently cut into small vignettes. Each vignette, sized approx 15 x 10.5cm, is a unique artwork with added organdie and stitch in different weights of thread creating a visual impression of my late summer garden.

£50 framed, £30 unframed

How to buy:
The vignettes can be sold singly, in pairs or threes, framed or unframed. Each vignette is £50 framed or £30 unframed. They can be framed with a double mount in black and sage green card and gold frame or sold on their own. Prices for twos and threes can be advised. Contact me via my Facebook page to see all the vignettes and discuss your requirements.


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