Testimonials and Feedback

Here is some of the feedback we have received from visitors, artists and others involved in Worcestershire Open Studios.

“A wonderful way to spend a Bank Holiday weekend. It felt like an art treasure hunt! I explored parts of the county I hadn’t visited before, talked to interesting people and bought affordable, original artwork direct from the artist. Will definitely visit again next year.” – Visitor

“Easy access to friendly, knowledgeable and skilled hosts.” – Visitor

“Had a smasher of a day wandering around artists’ studios. Congratulations to everyone participating.” – Visitor on Twitter

“Very welcoming and inspirational.” – Visitor

“The organisation is faultless, brochure is very professional, and everyone seemed to enter the spirit of it.” – Open studios artist

“I had the most amazing three days and wonderfully interesting people and loads of sales.” – Open studios artist

“This was my first time and I enjoyed it very much. We had a pretty much continuous stream of people throughout.” – Open studios artist

“I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful success of the immense task you undertook to promote the studios, I am quite sure that your supreme efforts have been much appreciated by all concerned.” – Open studios artist

“I would like to thank all of you for putting it all together, I know it must have been a great deal of work, I know I enjoyed it and from the people I have spoke to it has been very successful, so well done.” – Open studios artist

“Thanks for having us on board, I think there was definite benefit for both parties.” – Bevere Gallery – sponsor

“We are extremely proud to be sponsors of Worcester Open Studios and feel closely linked with the whole project because many of the initiators and organisers are our Alumni students. The aims of open studios are in line with our ideals and ethos, some of our students have benefited from studying the business model, and we look forward to forging ever closer links in the future.” – Malvern School of Art, Malvern Hills College WCG – sponsor

Evaluation Reports