Adrian Scholefield

Adrian Scholefield — Painter

Ade Scholefield
Bsc [Hons], B.Arch
After breaking from early artistic endeavours to follow my second passion for music and working in Architecture for the last 25 years, reverting to a childhood passion brings me to my most creative and productive.

I connect deeply with places, the more remote, the more ‘bleak’, the more primal, the greater the emotional connection. I ‘feel’ places, spaces and sounds, examining the emotional response, trying to dismiss the ‘surface’, drilling down to the raw and primal connection/emotion. I am now exploring personal emotional responses to colours, concepts and ideas – slightly more elusive goals.

For me, all representations that include ‘light and shade’ tonality invoke space, a place, and illicit a response accordingly whereas; representations that utilise ‘flat’ colour illicit a response through the modulation between the colours or the degree of contrasting complexity. I am also conscious of ‘scale’ and often aim to leave out any reference to scale, inviting ambiguity in the viewer and drawing a more individual personal response.

This style of painting often utilises a process that explores random expressive mark making on a blank canvass, inviting interpretation, generating creative judgements and iteratively manipulating, expressing responses until the ‘dance’ is done.

I have no formal art training or qualifications and feel unencumbered and free from over intellectualised twaddle around the subject, preferring just to ‘play’, learning through explorative play and the guidance of skilled and established contemporaries.

This is my inaugural year with Open Studios and will be located at Trudi Foggo’s garden gallery, where I will be painting throughout the weekend. I look forward to meeting all who drop by.