Carol James (Silverfish Designs)

Carol James (Silverfish Designs) — Silversmith - jewellery

I started making silver jewellery In 2000 as an accidental escape from a rather long working week in the motor trade. Following 5 years at Malvern College and an OCN qualification I was hooked and here I am, more than twenty years later! My work is inspired by my background as an archaeologist working with prehistoric rock carvings; by little treasures found on my travels – somewhat curtailed recently – and by the interplay of light and texture. I love working with silver, and occasionally gold, and enjoy the making process, to a degree letting the metal find its own way. Silver is a wonderful metal to work with, a little encouragement and textural effects really bring it to life. My designs rarely involve straight lines and lean towards a more organic feel.

Up to 2020 I was to be found at Blue Ginger Gallery, near Malvern. I spent around 13 wonderful years working from The Little Studio, where I received many visitors but Covid meant the loss of this space. This year we have been busy building a new home-studio and display area in our beautiful garden at the base of the Malvern Hills and I am finally getting up and running again.

I love being outside, be that up to my elbows in a muddy trench on an excavation in wet and windy Wales, tending my surprisingly extensive garden or out for a run or a walk with my four legged friend. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by fields and wildlife and inspiration is never far away, but given the opportunity to travel the answer is always ‘Yes!’ followed by ‘Where?’. Luckily my archaeology, and voluntary role as co-director of the Welsh Rock Art Organisation takes me to some wonderful locations off the beaten track. My other passion is food, exploring tastes and ingredients from different cultures which I bring into my little veggie and vegan catering business, Feast Far Flung Flavours.