Caroline Hall

Caroline Hall — Painter

I love colour and paint! Whether I am painting landscapes or people, colour is a constant theme.

This is my third year with Worcestershire Open Studios and my work is often changing. Although landscapes, especially the Malvern are always on offer, I like to explore different subjects and will use paint thickly with palette knives or washes of inks. I like to play with materials and engage with different processes, as this develops my techniques and love of art.

During lockdown, this exploring has lead me to a study of gatherings and festivals.I have created ‘Holi’, a colourful reflection on the celebration of life and light. A Brazilian painting of the Carnival shows the live of music and dance. I have felt a reconnection to nature and people as the lockdown has continued, an appreciation of time slowed down and the space it has allowed me.

As well as painting in the studio on these pieces, I have just finished a collaboration project with two artists, Cherrie Mansfield and Susan Birth. I was inspired by Jeremy Harwood and used his poem ‘Freezing Point’ to create a painting which is shown through various social medias and a final video showcasing our three paintings.

My work is available to view/buy via my website or contact me to arrange a visit to my art studio in Worcester, I may even put the kettle on!

Contact me to see my work or to enquire about commissions.

Getting close to finishing this painting…

Freezing point: colour unleashed final presentation