Chris Bell

Chris Bell — Ceramicist

I enjoy the fact that clay can be manipulated into any shape and then fired to retain that shape; it is very addictive. I cannot say that there is a single thing that inspires my work, instead I might have an idea and then try to develop that into a final form. As a consequence, I enjoy making a variety of items including: small animal sculptures, garden items, bowls, porcelain lamps, and Raku fired items.

I hand build many of the items by rolling out and decorating slabs of clay but I also throw pots on the wheel. I mix my own glazes and fire them in either an electric or a gas kiln depending upon the surface qualities that I am aiming to achieve.

The goat on a stand is one such item I enjoy making. It is made from a flat piece of clay folded over and joined together to form the shape onto which the features are created. I like the contrast between the smooth shiny glaze which the shape emphasises and the more earthy clay base.

I am based at The Pottery at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre in Worcestershire where you can see more of my work.