Colin Ross Jack

Colin Ross Jack — Painter

Art has been a passion for all my life, and continues to be so. I have used most mediums. Having painted exclusively in pastel for about 12 years, I now paint mainly in oils
Recently I have also enjoyed painting in the style of Japanese ukiyo-e woodcuts, using acrylic, emulsion and black felt pens to mimic this colourful, lyrical style of artists like hokusai and hiroshige.
I often paint seascapes and scenes of my native Fife, but have been inspired to paint various ‘series’ of pictures, such as costumed figures from Venice carnival and geishas from Japan. I complete 50 to 80 pictures a year. I hold an annual solo exhibition at the Arts Festival in Pittenweem [near my home town in Scotland] every August, begun in 1982 and now one of the main events of the Scottish art calendar. I also exhibit occasionally elsewhere, and have a website of my original works on
As well as in England and Scotland, several of my pictures are now in private collections all over the world, including two belonging to Michael Steele, once bassist of the ‘Bangles’! I regularly do demonstrations/workshops to Art Societies both freelance and through Artprofile.
I was born and brought up in Anstruther, a fishing village in the ‘East Neuk’ of Fife in Scotland. Though returning often to my homeland, I lived in the North West of England since 1970, and now live in worcester. I am married to Rosemary, with son Alan, daughter Hayley and 4 Granddaughters Lucy, Catherine, Amy and Holly and one grandson Johnny!
I maintain a deep interest in Astronomy. I taught Astronomy in adult education for many years, have built telescopes, observed and photographed the night sky, and now have a small observatory in the back garden.
I wrote poetry for some years, got published and won some competitions, but the muse has now deserted me. ‘Month’, a novel I wrote some years back, is now available for Kindle on Amazon.
I am passionate about cricket, despite being Scottish, and play guitar, despite being deaf.