Dan Holden

Dan Holden — Painter

Thank you for visiting my page. When hardly a day goes by without using words like strange or unprecedented, art gives many of us a focus that nourishes. In my case, art allows an expression of emotion and in my own abstract way, lets me comment on the changing world as I perceive it.

My practice involves using as a ‘canvas’ recycled materials which have included retail display boards as well as woodchip or Orientated Strand Board (OSB). The robust nature of OSB allows me to be quite brutal in the creative process, including the deliberate scraping back of many layers of paint. When developing a piece, it can be a destructive process, repeatedly eradicating an ordered image to emphasise layers and textures.

Although the process seems chaotic, I strive to find a balance within the chaos. As each piece evolves, a significant personal meaning emerges which is frequently a comment on our time, modern life or our perceptions of art. I like to show the angst of life but also find a place of stability for the self, within the emotional chaos of a modern society. Consequently in seeking this balance the resulting images can offer a place of safety and hope. Sometimes I use signifiers such as a white or gold square painted or collaged in an area of the picture or instead of a signature as a reflection of self.

I have assigned my latest paintings produced during lock down the collective title ‘The Tactile Nature of Untouchable Things’. This refers to the fact that I have come to realise that the element of touch is very important in relation to my work and the re is enjoyment to be had in the tactile nature of my paintings. This of course poses problems in our current society where touching has become taboo.

If you’re interested in what I am up to and want to see more of my work, check out my website or follow me on Instagram but most of all, look after yourselves and those around you.

Feel free to contact me via my email info@danholden.art if you would like to visit Yew Trees studios at the Bevere Gallery WR3 7RQ to see my work in person or if you wish to purchase originals or prints of my paintings.