Deb Stanley

Deb Stanley — Coloured Pencils and Pastels

I am originally from Evesham and currently live in Malvern, Worcestershire with my husband, son, a grumpy cat and a mud loving cocker spaniel.

I am a secretary by training but after having children I worked for 13 years as a teaching assistant with 4 & 5 year olds where each day was an art and craft day. In 2012 I took up oil painting as a hobby and used coloured pencils to plan out my paintings, eventually after an incident with a wet painting, a cat and a cream carpet the oils were packed away and I started to create my work with the pencils alone.

My art is realistic in style and I enjoy the fine details that can be created with pencil. Coloured pencils are a slow medium and I occasionally use pastels which work well alongside pencils, pastels help to prevent me getting too caught up in the details. Lately I’ve been experimenting with digital art, a couple of my designs have been well received and I see this as a separate skill to my ‘traditional’ art where I can explore different styles.

I’m a keen, but very amateur photographer and prefer to work from my own photographs which is why my early work was inspired by cakes, gems, flowers, bees and butterflies which were easy for me to photograph. In September 2017 I attended a photography day at The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, seeing the cats closeup was an amazing experience and since then big cats have featured strongly in my work. I have been back to the sanctuary several more times and will visit again when possible.

My drawing of a black jaguar, Athena Emerging, won the David Shepherd Award at The Wildlife Art Society International exhibition in 2018 and my drawing of a vulture, Drop Dead Gorgeous won the award again in 2019, Rosie the Vulture knows how to pose for a photo!

Some of my drawings are available as printed or downloadable pdf tutorial booklets and in normal times I hold one to one or couples coloured pencil workshops in my art room, I enjoy teaching and passing my skills on to others, I look forward to the day when we can get back to these activities.