Debbie Baird

Debbie Baird — Painter

Making art is my passion, whether it’s oil paint, acrylics, charcoal… or a mix of media, I love it and I am in a different place when I do it. I left my job to give myself the time and headspace to focus on my art, and gradually it has also become my obsession (in a good way)! I have been building a body of work that I am now ready to share and so this is my debut in Open Studios.

My style is still developing. I enjoy producing both traditional portrait and contemporary landscape work, although I am interested in finding new and abstract ways to present the world as I see it. I am inspired by the natural world, and base a lot of my work on the local landscape. But I am interested in the colours to be found in any environment and have started to develop a process to extract both colour and shape in order to represent it in my art.

I have found the recent lockdown strangely liberating, allowing me to focus more of my energy on art making of all types. Partly this has been inspired by the art groups I work with, and the wide range of inspiring art available on line, but I also think I have found a little solace in doing what I love.

Contact me to see my work or enquire about commissions.