Elaine Leslie Art

Elaine Leslie Art — Painter

Art and creativity has always been in my family, my Grandparents where sign writers and seamstress, my uncle a carpenter and my mum was also super creative so I guess I was destined to paint.

I was always creating art, even from an early age, winning school awards and a national competition to design a health and safety poster. As a teenager, I was horse mad and forever drawing horses in graphite. Honing my skills, experimenting with watercolour and other mediums. If there is one regret in
my life, it is not pursuing my creativity and going to university and getting a degree. Never too late to start, I enrolled in a part time art class a couple of years ago reignited my passion for art. Here I was introduced to the wonderful medium of acrylic.

I haven’t stopped painting since. Self-taught I think I have finally found my style and love experimenting with different techniques. Some are complete failures; others are huge successes.

Inspired by my father’s love of the sea (he was a naval man) and family holidays to Cornwall, I am naturally drawn to the coastlines of our beautiful Island. The textures, sounds, smells, movement and relationships between the earth, water and sky. How these co-exist with each other, changing on a whim. Studies of the Milky Way are very prevalent in my collections, as are Cornish beaches, Pebble Balancing, moody skies and most recently I am creating a collection of works on the subject matter of Seagrass.

I have collaborated with a pianist based in New York, where my paintings were used as inspiration for short musical works, and will be shown to an exclusive audience in NYC as well as virtually. Happily I have opened a gallery situated in a local Emporium and hope one day to be able to have a stand alone gallery in my beloved Cornwall.