Felicity Osborne

Felicity Osborne — Painter

I enjoy making dynamic, vibrant abstract acrylic paintings using a blend of fluid art techniques. By layering paints of different densities and using non-traditional additives, I respond to the movement and interactions of the paint in the moment which results in a totally unique outcome. This method of painting means there’s a limited time frame to bring together contrast, composition, and colour to a successful result on canvas. I thoroughly enjoy the immediacy of this style of working, and find it truly immersive.

My development as an artist started in my teens when taking evening classes from a local artist in Herefordshire. This early introduction gave me a basis of strong observational drawing skills on which to build. After a Foundation course in Shrewsbury, I progressed to a BA (Hons) in Hull and specialised in sculpture. On completion of my degree I undertook a short apprenticeship with a potter, and moved onto work in ceramics, selling thrown domestic earthenware to local outlets and National Trust shops in the Bristol area. I then returned to university in Birmingham to complete a PGCE in Art and Design. Once qualified I taught secondary level at Marling Grammar in Stroud, then Lancing College in West Sussex. My life in art took a back seat for around seventeen years, as I spent seven years in Hong Kong where I had my two sons, followed by a decade of working for a schools expedition company back in the UK. After taking voluntary redundancy I took a part time art technician position at RGS Worcester, as my boys were studying there and it’s on my doorstep! It was so interesting to be back in an art environment (but without the pressures of teaching!!).

It was almost by accident that I stumbled across the techniques used in fluid art, whilst doing a small project at home. Friends and family loved the outcomes I was achieving, and before I knew it I was receiving requests for commissions. In the last two years, I’ve built a studio in my cellar, set up an Etsy store, been commissioned for art work for a craft beer launch, sold paintings to clients in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Ireland and many states in the USA and can now officially say ‘as seen in House and Garden magazine’. I’m enjoying this new chapter in life and hope to develop it further.