Frans Wesselman

Frans Wesselman — Printmaking, stained glass, painting

When we were children, my mother pinned pictures she cut out from magazines on the wall. They were drawings, illustrations to stories that I have long forgotten, but the pictures fascinated me. It was the idea one could tell stories, convey meaning, without using words. Although I work across different disciplines, drawing is at the root of them all. My main interest in my work is to tell stories about people, about their emotions and interactions with one another or with animals, nature, the super-natural.

Once I have an idea I will use studies from life drawing, sketches from the zoo or from my travels to work out the details. Or sit on a windy, rainy beach in January to draw the missing bits. Whenever I go away anywhere, I always have a sketch book with me. I now have shelves of sketch books which are there as a resource, some may never be used, but drawing in them is a pleasure in itself.

I am always interested in commissions for stained glass.