Gemma Griffiths

Gemma Griffiths — Painter

I’ve always painted & sketched and longed for a time when I could devote more time to the practice, A challenging change of circumstances brought this around sooner than I might have anticipated! I now split my time between the stunning Malvern Hills and a little cottage on the West Wales coast which we have restored and rent out. I’m constantly inspired by my walks on the hills and the windswept Welsh coastline and these are constant themes in my work.

My style is quite representational (in an impressionistic way) but I also love pushing towards more abstract pieces, depending on my inspiration at that time. I try to let my surroundings ‘speak’ to me and go with the flow and love experimenting with new mixtures of materials to keep an energy in the piece.

My work is currently predominantly sea and landscape-based but I also love to work on portraiture and believe that trying new subject matter is great practice for the eye. I work in whichever media I am drawn to at any given time, and frequently mix them together. I particularly love inks, pastels, and my constant favourite, charcoal. Sketching is really important to my art practice and I also love mixing up my subject matter to keep pushing forward . Passionate about the discipline of drawing, I attend life drawing groups when I can.

I work under my maiden name ‘Gemma Griffiths’ as this has always been my ‘work’ name ..but occasionally you might find work under my married name ‘ Gemma Wiseman ‘….it’s complicated! Originals, prints & cards available.