Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper — Painter and pewter maker

Discouraged by criticism of my artistic efforts in earlier life, I’ve avoided creative work until successive lockdowns (and my wife) encouraged me to give it a go again.

I paint in oils… mostly on Dibond board and working quickly with a roller and palette knife to encourage the paints to move around, blend and merge into images that are sometimes intense, dynamic and vigorous… at others calmer, more thoughtful and warmer.

I’m inspired by the countryside around me but my paintings are more an expression of the feeling of that nature than a depiction of the scene.

I’ve tried other forms of metalwork but have found the way in which pewter, with the addition of a little heat, transforms itself from a solid mass into a viscous liquid quite fascinating. It takes on the form and shape of the mould or vessel into which it is poured and then sets itself. My current pieces are made using open moulds and swirling the liquid around to create a variety of textures and shapes. Like the paint, the pewter defines the finished piece by the way in which it flows, cools and solidifies.

I hope that you enjoy seeing my work.