Ian Ridley

Ian Ridley — Painter

I am first and foremost a landscape artist with a passion for trees generally and winter trees in particular. My inspiration coming initially from my artist friend and mentor Lew Bennett , the work of Roland Hilder and subsequently the Worcestershire countryside where I am fortunate to walk daily with my dogs.
Whilst photographs sometimes provide loose compositions and ideas most of my work is imaginative and I am happiest when not pinned down to painting an exact scene. I rarely draw and images are usually based on loose washes with the final painting evolving as I go along.
Initially I worked exclusively in watercolours, starting in a very traditional style which later developed into a more subdued, atmospheric approach often in a panoramic format. My acrylics , whilst usually sharing the same subject matter and approach, are very different in style being more impressionistic with a bolder use of both colour and texture.
In 2013 I became an elected member of the prestigious Birmingham Watercolour Society and have regularly exhibited with them. I have also had solo exhibitions at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Malvern Theatre, Number 8 Pershore, Shenstone Art Gallery in the Community Centre, The Jinney Ring Centre and I undertake around 6 short exhibitions annually throughout the country.
Besides running an art group in my village I am a regular visiting tutor at the Centre of England Arts Centre at Meriden and undertake demonstrations and run workshops for art groups throughout the Midlands.
Details of awards and many examples of my work can be found on my website.