Jennifer Ng

Jennifer Ng — Painter

Using a process-oriented approach, I paint to understand the things around me. I often use water-based mediums as a way of defining-undefining-refining painted boundaries. Water permeates every pore of existence in nature, it flows within and outside us, it separates yet connects us, and metaphorically, it drives a constant force that never seem to cease. The versatility and fluidity of inks thus facilitate my reflections and internal conversations as I work on my paintings.

In my most recent series “Indifferent-Interdependency”, I focus on the complex, symbiotic relationship between flora and fauna, and their relationship with us. In my work, boundaries between flora and fauna merge and collapse, their immediate physical and visual spaces becomes at once clear yet ambiguous. Both entities appear to morph into a single unit in a format of a strange montage. They probably have no concept of the larger picture, and increasingly we don’t either.