Jilly Oxlade-Arnott

Jilly Oxlade-Arnott — Painter

I am a fine line ink and watercolour artist specialising in architecture. I live in Pershore with my husband Chris. I have had a creative career, working in marketing, prior to becoming a full time professional artist. I love to travel and over the years have visited many cities immersing myself in their culture and history. I have produced a number of collections which include Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, National Trust, International, Birmingham and Cheltenham amongst many others. I also undertake private works such as, residential commissions, book illustrations, architectural illustrations and public art installations. I have been featured by Libertys of London in their quarterly books and have had many solo exhibitions. My current exhibition, ‘Acorn to Oak’ at National Trust Croome, celebratates 125 years of the National Trust. In normal times I can been found painting at NT Croome, in the Library, which fingers crossed is due to re-open in May 2021. My father was an architect and I loved watching him work. My unique style combining both mono linework and watercolour draws the eye to the subject matter of the building. I consider myself extremely fortunate to do a job I love, which is unbelievably rewarding and never fails to surprise me.


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