Kitty Kavanagh

Kitty Kavanagh — sculpture and collage illustration

I enjoy most forms of art and creating things, but am currently focusing on sculpture and also collage.

My sculpture takes on varied forms and uses a variety of mediums. My larger pieces are done with a mind to enhance gardens and these range from free formed concrete figures and faces, to carvings and totem inspired designs which often have messages contained within.  My work using ceramic or plaster tend to be smaller and include flowers or figures.

My collage work tends to be rather varied as well.  The abstracted figures are studies of mood, movement and form and often used as the basis for some of my sculpture work, while the more pictorial and descriptive collages are used as illustration.  Over the lockdown period I have used this to great effect illustrating information booklets for use within my work group.

I am always open to new ideas and love the excitement and challenge of undertaking commissions.