Lesley Styles

Lesley Styles — Painter

Art was always a big part of my childhood and so when it came to going to university, I decided that my pathway into a career would be to study art and design in Brighton (specialising in Textile Design). After successfully completing my degree, I changed my initial goals and decided to see as much of the world as I could whilst young and applied to be cabin crew to help fund my adventures!

I visited many countries across the globe and ended up living in Bahrain for a few years whilst working for Gulf air. Many years and jobs later I’m a fully trained swimming instructor, live in Worcester, married with 2 children and up until recently have not been able to devote too much time to the arts.

However, just after Christmas 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and have had to take time out to go through my treatment plan and start chemotherapy.My treatment coincided with the covid-19 lockdown and I ended up with lots of time on my hands. Whilst the chemotherapy was unpleasant, I found myself wanting to reconnect with my creative side as a distraction and wanted to do something productive. I decided to order some canvases and acrylic paints and haven’t looked back since! I have now taken over the conservatory at home which has great light and is now my art studio and it has been my saviour and my happy place!

I paint most days, taking my inspiration from nature as I look out into the garden from my studio and I am also still influenced by my textile design and incorporate texture and patterns in abstract paintings with strong colours. Over the past year I have taken to using soft pastels which are my new love .

A close friend has exhibited her art with Open Studios for many years and she recommended that I also show some of my work on-line in order to share it with a wider audience.


Alumin timelapse