Michelle Flint

Michelle Flint — Textile Artist

I create realistic textile illustrations which are ‘drawn with thread’ using a domestic sewing machine. The designs are painted on cotton using procion dyes or acrylic paints mixed with a textile medium and embellished with embroidery.
My background in textile design and the watercolour illustrations I produce in my sketchbooks are the inspiration for creating the embroideries. I am fascinated by old architecture and nature; these are the themes that often appear in my work.
I use several layers of thread to ‘draw’ the image, resulting in a raised, textured appearance. The intricate layering and blending of embroidery threads make the work appear illustrative. In some designs, the colours of the fabric paint dominate the artwork; the embroidery highlights a few features. I choose which method to use based on the subject I am illustrating. Most recently, I have used soluble fabric, encasing the designs in resin. I allow the soluble material to dissolve, resulting in the finished piece as purely embroidery.
I welcome private commissions; in the past, I have created designs for wedding gifts, pet portraits and illustrations of places of sentimental value. I enjoy working on community and heritage projects and I’m looking to work on more in 2021. I also run workshops and deliver talks about my work. I plan to run embroidery and tapestry weaving workshops later in the year.