Nash — Mixed media

My name is Nashmin Riazi and I live in England but I am originally from Iran. I’m an abstract and expressionist artist. I have been painting for over 27 years and started off as a realist painter. I am inspired by the shapes and colours that appear naturally when I let my mind run free. Depending on the art form, I mostly take inspiration from landscapes and figures but visualise these from my own imagination rather than modelling on reality.

I love to use acrylic paste, crack paste, paper mâché and fabrics to create texture and depth in my work. I also often create my own hand-stretched canvas using good quality cotton.

Painting for me is part of a spiritual practice, where I let my imagination take over however I am feeling. Although I find it calming, it ignites a passion within me that also brings me confidence. Art is a universal language that everyone can understand.

Local exhibitions include: Worcester Arts Workshop, Malvern Library, The Hive and Francini Cafe de Columbia.