Natasha Giles

Natasha Giles — Painter

Thank you for showing interest in my work. I produce abstract artworks in ink and liquid watercolour on paper.

I stumbled into the intuitive process rather intuitively, you might say, which pushed me past blocks that had long held me back from artistic self-expression. It is a psycho-spiritual approach. My works are a journey in allowing flow and being open to the unexpected through accessing the subconscious. The process has developed over time – I practice releasing the inner spirit of expression through rhythm, energy and colour. I tap into collective energies discovering resonant responses in my paintings, reflecting emotion, connection, pattern, humanity, soul.

My background is in graphic design with a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication from Birmingham’s Institute of Art and Design. For over a decade I’ve let my intuition lead me away from the computer by exploring hands-on creative passions – writing, poetry, learning to play drums, classes in pottery and ceramics, and in 2019 to focus on drawing and painting.

I love delving into psychological, spiritual, mystical and esoteric subjects, fascinated by patterns and stories and ultimately, the bigger picture of who we are. In all walks of life I am drawn to vivid colour, light and dark, balance and equality, hope and freedom.

Being fortunate to live in North Worcestershire surrounded by fields, I find observing the wildlife and weather patterns some of my most joyful moments. I endeavour to capture them in photography and film and share the delights on social media. Follow me on Instagram to see more of my work and play. You can also connect with me via my monthly newsletter updates, including free digital art to download and read the stories behind my works.

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