Peter Carey

Peter Carey — Painter

I am primarily a painter but also work in relief and sculpture as well as drawing, watercolour and pastel. Born and raised in Oldham, I have lived, worked and exhibited in London, Italy, France and Worcester. As well as individual pieces and assemblages, my work has included community murals and collaborations, and I have been an art teacher and visual arts director.
Several themes are important to me and provide subjects for my continuing work. The intimacy of the life room; the steep cobbled streets of my youth; the shocking suffering of homeless and migrant people; the joy of people dancing together; the rush and colour of travel on London Underground and buses; and the efforts of key workers at work. I feel that my work is a rebirth of constructivism, but with a human face.
In my ninetieth year I am preparing to scale down my work space and my rather large collection of paintings and constructions, seeking space for them in places where people can freely enjoy them. I am not looking to sell, but to gift works to public spaces, or to offer to private individuals in return for donations for local homelessness charities – see the link below. There are many more works than you will see here, and prints may be available so if you are interested in visiting my studio and / or having one of my works please get in touch via