Ruth Pullan

Ruth Pullan — Leatherwork

I am a leatherworker specialising in hand stitched, traditional and highly functional leathergoods. When I am not creating leathergoods I also pass on the skills I have been fortunate to learn and practice, on to others. I have always remembered learning about the Native American peoples in school and their reverential way of looking at the world. They believe that if an animal is going to be killed then every last part of their body should be used in order to honour that animal’s life. We too had this belief in the British Isles until things changed with industrialisation and in practicing as a leatherworker I hope that I too can honour the lives of the animals which have been taken by producing long lasting, functional and aesthetically pleasing work. I am hoping in the future to only use hides which have come from Organic, Biodynamic and/or Pasture for Life farming systems in the UK, from farms where I have worked or those who I have a relationship with. This will be the culmination of many year’s of work and learning about farming systems to understand the reality of the material I so love working with, so watch this space 🙂