Sarah Heppner

Sarah Heppner — Painter

I’m a Still Life painter, which really just means that I enjoy arranging different objects together to explore their colour, texture and shape.

I’m excited by the way light falls across rumpled fabric, or how it gleams and distorts reality when it travels through water. I get great satisfaction from placing objects close together but not touching. They may be similar objects or not related at all but their proximity creates a tension which makes the whole composition captivating. Some paintings lean towards surrealism while others are very simple and direct. Poise, tension, beauty, serenity and a tangible reality are what I aim for.

My technique is self taught, although I have a BA degree in Art and Aesthetics from Cardiff University. I work with acrylic paint on fine linen canvas, occasionally on paper or board. I paint directly onto the canvas with no under drawing and build up many thin layers of paint. Working from life is my preferred approach, however, I also use my own photographs and sometimes a combination of the two depending on the restrictions of the subject matter I’m using.

My work has sold at various galleries over the last 20 years including an exhibition where my paintings were awarded Highly Commended at the RBSA. In the last few years I have been exhibiting at art fairs around the country. Art fair’s are great for my professional development and I love being able to engage with the buyer and get their feedback.

The next challenge this year is to get my work online and I am really looking forward to Worcestershire Open Studios and my first art fair for 2021 in September.