Siân Thomas

Siân Thomas — Painter

I am a watercolour artist living and working near the foot of Bredon Hill. I have been drawing, painting and creating all of my life, it has provided me with a sanctuary from the chaos of life and is where I most feel I am able to be myself. Although I like to spend time in the natural environment much of my work is inspired by architecture, particularly vernacular domestic architecture, houses, sheds, pubs and even privies. I’m an active member of the Urban Sketchers movement and I have been influenced by many other Urban Sketchers using a wide variety of styles, methods and materials.

Many moons ago I completed a foundation year in art and design at what is now the University of South Wales, but then life got in the way so am largely self-taught. My style has evolved over the years into the what you see today, working in pen and watercolour, however recently I have found myself putting the pen aside, experimenting with other subject matter and in a looser style, but buildings remain my first love.

Much of my work is commission based but I find that there are many buildings that I just can’t resist portraying. I also run two watercolour classes each week catering for everyone from the beginner to the more experienced, and run occasional workshops.