Worcestershire Artists Registration

Please read through the form to familiarise yourself with it before starting to enter details.

The form should be completed in one sitting as there is no facility to save your progress. It is advised, therefore, that you prepare the text and images required before you start, paying particular attention to the image formats and specifications needed.

Admin details

This information is for administration purposes and will not be published.

Artist details

Details in this section will be published on the website.


Ensure that your images are well lit, correctly exposed and in focus so that your artwork can be seen at its best. Photograph 3D work against a plain background so that it can be seen clearly. It is recommended that you prepare your images on a desktop or laptop computer rather than a phone or a tablet so that all the image specifications can be met.

This widescreen format image is displayed at the top of your page. On a narrow screen such as a mobile the image is cropped either side and becomes a square format. It is best suited for a detail shot of your work.

This can be a headshot, a picture of you working or a picture of your studio. It is displayed at the start of the main text.

You can add up to 12 images to display in the gallery section. After selecting the first image click 'Add new Gallery image' to add another.

Gallery images will be captioned when displayed. The name of the file will be used after stripping out any hyphens, underscores, extra spaces and the .jpg file suffix. For example: the image file 'early_morning-light.jpg' will generate a caption of 'early morning light'. Please rename your files to accommodate this.

All images should be cropped to the size specified so that your page loads without delay. Save cropped images in jpeg format with a quality setting of 50–60% (medium to high quality). The file size should be around 150kb per image.

Additional publicity

Use of your personal data


We will not share your contact name and email address with any other third party without your express permission.

Conditions of participation

By registering for an online presence on the WOS website, I confirm that I commit to:

  • Providing high quality images and text which should not be overly commercial in nature. We reserve the right to amend or reject content if we feel that this is the case.
  • Actively promoting the site amongst my contacts and through my social media so that all Worcestershire artists on the site may benefit.
  • Mentioning Worcestershire Open Studios in any printed or online publicity about my participation in the initiative.
  • I am aware that it is not possible to include every artist in media releases, articles and other publicity and that we have no control over which artists different publications choose to feature. Our primary aim is to get as much publicity as we can for open studios artists as a whole, any publicity for individual artists associated with that is a bonus.
  • Complying with the aims of Worcestershire Open Studios as set out in its constitution.

Please tick to confirm acceptance:


Click submit below to upload your details. Please be aware that this may take a little time to process due to the number of images that have to be uploaded and the speed of your Internet connection. Please don't click more than once if things are going slowly, it may corrupt your entry. A confirmation screen will be displayed when the process is finished.