Logos and templates for artists' use

There are two variations of the logo for your use, and a zip file containing poster and postcard design files.


The postcard is a CMYK press-ready file, sized at 148 x 105mm (A6), which your printer should be able to print as-is. The file should remain unaltered, you can then put whatever you wish on the reverse of the card. (The file has a resolution of 400dpi so should scale up to A5 if you prefer.)

The poster template is an A4 sized Word document which can be edited in Publishing Layout mode to add details to the centre section. There is also a native PDF file (with bleed) which can be imported into a page layout program, if you prefer, in order to design your poster. The header and footer sections should remain unaltered and unobscured. The centre section available for your design is 210 x 215mm.

We'd like to collect examples of use for sharing so if you could forward a copy of your completed design that would be appreciated.


If the logos display as images on your screen right click and choose 'save as image' or similar from the menu to download.